Who We Are


About Our Organization

Together we can make a difference.

Our Mission
We are here to provide our cherished participants with Ghanaian hospitality and to provide them with safety and all the support
they will need to have an incredible experience
in Ghana.

Our Vision

To become the gateway and the first-choice travel abroad program for both young and old travelers to Ghana and the rest
of Africa.


Meet Our Team

What People are Saying About Us


"I stayed in Koforidua for 3.5 weeks on a medical/health care internship in a small clinic situated in the city center. I also got to take part in a community outreach medical program one day a week. Professionally, the amount of learning opportunities was great, I feel like I have learned so much just by being here.

Personally, this trip has also been amazing, we had a very caring host family always making sure that we were safe, Micky and Kwasi (the coordinators for OPI) have been so helpful throughout our trip and have been our best allies and friends all along. Whether it was to just go for a drink or to the gym, to answer our questions, to help us organize weekend trips or just be there with us, they were always available.

I feel so grateful for this trip and would recommend OPI and Ghana to anyone that is ready to open their eyes to a new culture, to new people and to new experiences."


- Maxime N.


"I've had the honor and pleasure of volunteering at several of their events. The entire organization consists of honest, caring and sincere individuals who are looking to make a positive impact."

- Neal M.