Brighten the Corner (Painting and Drawing Project)

Project Description

This is a drawings and paintings project for those who are interested in using their creativity and colors to bring to life dull classrooms and school buildings in rural communities. Most schools, community clinics once constructed are mostly left to deteriorate over the years.

A lot of school buildings have damaged walls and floorings which often pose a challenge and safety hazard for kids, teachers and workers in such deteriorated buildings.  With the help pf volunteers our aim is work with our local painters, carpenters and builders to improve the condition of these buildings by painting the community clinics and classrooms and creating a beautiful education wall displays.

With this project volunteers get to leave their marks and lasting impression on the hearts and minds of members and owners beneficiaries’ schools and care centers.

Roles of Volunteer

As a volunteer on this project you will have a hands-on role involved construction and painting work. It does not matter the level of your skill. On site you will be fetching water, mixing mortar, lifting and renovation which include painting building and drawing on classroom walls. Please Sign up let’s brighten the corners where we are.

Duration: 1 week

Placement: arts and painting of classrooms and school building
Program starts from 15th of every other month.

Available for 18+