Medical & Healthcare Project


Project Description

This project provides hands-on practical exposure to medicine and health care in hospitals and clinics in Ghana for nursing, pre-med, medicine, midwifery, paramedic student and professional.

As a volunteer/intern you will have the chance to observe and work in various departments alongside experienced local doctors and nurses.


Observing experienced local Doctors and Nurses and performing routine tasks in various departments at hospital, clinics. You will have the opportunity to learn about various tropical conditions and treatments. You will also take part in school and community outreach to do wound dressing and give talk on basic but important health education such tooth brushing, adolescent Reproductive Health education, assist in counselling etc.

A typical Day as a Medical Intern in Ghana

On any given day, you will work shifts alongside your supervisors.

These shifts typically take the following form:

•    Morning:     8am – 2pm
•    Afternoon:  2pm – 8pm
•    Night:          8pm – 8am

Each shift starts with rounds as you follow the consulting doctor and learn about each patient’s case and course of treatment. Use this opportunity to ask plenty of questions. After rounds, you’ll assist nurses with patient care. You can watch them administer medication and treatment, and help to update patient files. Nurses always appreciate help in general patient care as well such as feeding, bathing, and bed changing.


OPI requires all volunteers/interns participating in the Medical and Healthcare Internship Project to provide proof of qualifications. Current medical and nursing students must provide a letter from their school advisor confirming enrollment status or a photocopy of a valid student I.D card.

Please note that hospitals in Ghana are often busiest in the mornings. Don’t be late for the morning shift if you’d like to witness the bulk of the day’s work!