Midwifery Project

Project Description

We would be excited to have you on our midwifery internship project in Ghana this summer.

It's open to pre-midwifery and midwifery students as well qualified midwifes who is interested in the "differences" child delivery system.


As Overseas Project Initiative (OPI) midwife volunteer/intern you will have the chance to observe and work in the maternity department alongside experienced local doctors and midwives.

As you work in the maternity ward, you will learn more than just how to deliver babies. You will Learn also how to treat patients from start of their pregnancy right until they deliver.

Please note that facilities here are under resourced and you are likely to witness difficult births, as well as complications that are not as common in western countries, such as malaria and typhoid.

What you will experience though are highly dedicated and caring staff who work hard to ensure the women are supported as best they can though birth, and that their babies are well cared for.

Duration: 4 weeks +
Placement: Eastern Regional Hospital
Location: Koforidua