Special Group Projects

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Projects for Groups


We are happy to work with you to arrange your trip to fit the date available to you and the project the group would like to do. Whether you are a group of friends or a faculty leader looking for a team building trip our will work with you plan it for rich Ghanaian experience.

Overseas Project Initiative offers a wide range of projects, including medicine internship, midwifery, nursing, physiotherapy, dentistry, Childcare, teaching and community service project. Our dedicated staff will ensure smooth and worthwhile experience.

Special Medical Outreach Project

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This project is designed for volunteer groups with interest in public health.

It involves visiting local communities and helping provide malaria testing and treatment, wound dressing, weighing babies, as well providing basic but important health education on personal hygiene and sexual health.

Its open for pre-med, pre-nursing, nursing students, qualified professionals

Duration: 1 week

Placement: Community medical outreach

Programs start on the 15th of every other month

Location: Rural communities near Koforidua

University/College Group Project

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Medicine & Health Care

Student groups that are looking for hands-on work in tropical conditions and treatments, international work experience and new experience working in rural communities in Ghana are welcome to participate in this project.


Members of the group role will be observing experienced local doctors and nurses and performing routine tasks in various departments at hospital, clinics. Members led by our medical coordinator will also go on medical outreaches to visit rural communities and carry activities such as wound dressing, weighing of babies, malaria testing and treatment of positive cases as well as providing basic but important health education on tooth brushing, HIV/AIDS, hygiene and Sexual and reproductive health.

This project is available for Pre-medical, nursing, dental, physiotherapy, medical and public health students.

Duration: from 2 weeks

Placement: hospital and community medical outreach
Location: Koforidua

Veterinary Medicine & Animal Care Internship

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The veterinary volunteer/intern project is designed to provide a good learning experience for anyone who has an interest in animals and has a career goal of becoming veterinary professional. So, if you have passion and love for working with animal then this project is a great way for you to gain such experience

Our veterinary program is available for undergraduates and recently graduated students taking a gap year or career break or for those professionals anxious to share their professional knowledge, experience, and expertise.

You would be involved in the day-to-day duties of the veterinarian center with the regular staff in animal health care issues and assisting with immunizations for parasite management, nutrition supplements, administration of medication, vaccinations to animals, assisting with animal examination, diagnostics, treatments of animal patient for and recovery from surgery.